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See for yourself how you can get more eyeballs & more clicks on the stuff you’re already creating … all with the internet’s favorite inspo board as your tool. 

3 Ways to
20X Your Traffic

(without Spending a Dime on Ads)

(without Spending a Dime on Ads)

with Pinterest

With Pinterest

Snag a seat for my FREE training where I unpack how Pinterest is the #1 driver of organic traffic to my site—

I’ve taught 19,820+ entrepreneurs how to make it their numero uno traffic source, too … and you’re next.

save your seat!

Have your content work for you with my easy-to-implement Pinterest strategy that gets your work seen! 

At some point, you’ve probably realized it:

And if you’re trying to play to be profitable, you’ve GOT to cast a big enough net to catch a boatload of fish.

✓Social media certainly has its role to play. 
✓As do paid ads. 
✓As does word-of-mouth marketing. 

But one commonly overlooked traffic source? Search traffic—and I’m not talking about Google.
Enter … Pinterest. 

Business is a NUMBERS game. 

Simply put, content lives longer on Pinterest than ANY OTHER platform you’re probably posting on.

And you’re about to discover the tactics that some of the smartest business owners double-down on to get MORE dream clients & customers to their website …

… without needing more hours in the day.

(Especially as a creator.)

You’ll walk away from this free training with—

Understanding how to leverage Pinterest as the search engine it is—spoiler: it's NOT just another social media platform and it can work for any type of business.
Unlocking the 3 critical shifts you need to make to your account today in order to show up when someone searches—& how to get your content in the mix of results.
Grabbing the anatomy of a perfect Pin graphic & what an on-brand design could look like for YOUR business. Plus, I’ll show how to design 10 pins in less than 15 minutes.
Discovering the 5-Step Pin Persuasion Path to take someone from pinner to customer. I’ll even walk you through the 3 exact steps to convert your traffic to profits.
Oh, and did I mention you’ll receive a                               just for showing up? That's right! You'll also get my Ultimate Pinterest Quickstart Guide that will walk you through the 10 essential steps you need to take to use Pinterest strategically for your business this year!

special gift

These are the same things I do to rack up 3,000,000+ views a month … 

They work in any niche, with almost any product or service, at almost any price point. You ready?

… and I’m fired up to show them to you.

I’m an expert at online marketing, a nerd when it comes to the numbers, and my obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing what they love (without it taking over their life).

I’m a top-ranked business podcaster on Apple Podcasts and a girl who took a $300 Craigslist camera and turned it into a 7-figure empire. My obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing what they love (without it taking over their life).

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Loyal, happy, obsessed followers turned clients, who happily invest in your business?

An audience that is anxiously awaiting every post, every announcement, and every offering?

Sales driven through authentic, intentional posts that take the scammy salesman pitch and turn it on its head.

Creating a voice so recognizable, people will be able to spot your words and work from a mile away.

Can you imagine...


Are you ready?

as seen in:

Because I know you’re fighting for attention & eyeballs on your work these days—we all are. That’s why I don’t want you to overlook the hands-down #1 driver of traffic to my ecosystem of products and services.


And before you say I’m a unicorn, know I’ve taught nearly 19,820+ entrepreneurs just like you this same strategy. They’re proof.

Most of what I’ll show you? You not only can deploy it within minutes after our time together … but all-in-all, it will take you <1 hour a week to implement.

And THAT’s the kind of work I’m after: smarter beats harder, every time.


rave reviews

“My Pinterest now gets 2.6 MILLION monthly views”

I watched your webinar and it totally transformed my business. My Pinterest now gets 2.6 MILLION monthly views and it’s the largest driver to my online watercolor courses. Pinterest is such an underutilized platform for so many small businesses! Thank you for showing me that at the start of my biz journey!

Priya - petals by priya

Let me show you how in one year’s time, I 10x-ed my traffic … only to double it in 2 years, all on auto-pilot.

While everyone else is

focusing on Reels & carousels, 

you’ll be pinning yourself

a long-game traffic strategy.

20x Your Traffic in 1 Hour a Week with Pinterest

Scooch over, social media: 

Save your seat!

Most social media posts live and die within 24 hours. On Pinterest? You can drive traffic from one pin for 

weeks or even months.

Did you know that:

Pinterest has more than

460 million

 monthly active users (source: Pinterest). What do you think the odds are your target audience is on Pinterest searching for content like yours?

are using Pinterest, compared to 44% on Instagram and 53% for Facebook. 

85% of women and 40% of men

Your target audience is primed and ready to buy because they statistically spend more money on Pinterest than other social sites—

up to 2x as much.

You can automate your strategy so you are spending less than

one hour a week on Pinterest

Source: SproutSocial

Source: me & the thousands of students I’ve taught as proof)

“Your strategy works!”

I found your free training and I decided to take a chance. I have found a lot of free trainings in the past that ended up being worthless. I know when a training won't be actionable within a few minutes of listening. There are so many "trainers" out there that really do not know what they are doing. With you, that was not the case. Within a minute, I decided to dive in and implement your strategy and it works!


“Pinterest is by far the #1 traffic driver to my website”

I've heard Jenna preach the Pinterest Gospel. Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms to use personally and I know my target audience is on Pinterest. I followed Jenna's step-by-step method and now Pinterest is by far the #1 traffic driver to my website and I now have a mailing list of over 250 people thanks in part to my Pinterest strategy. 


They say you should spend less time creating brand spankin’ new content … and MORE time pushing to what you have built. 

Yes! I’m ready to 20x my traffic! →

If you're ready to truly understand how Pinterest can work for you (beyond providing home decor inspo) and how I’ve shown thousands of others like you how it can be their #1 traffic source, don’t miss your chance. 

The best part? My strategy only takes 1 hour per week to implement—and gives your content a way longer shelf life. Get your hard work seen, consumed, & SOLD.

My 3 Simple Steps 

Traffic with Pinterest

Get Ready to Unlock

to 20x Your 

I say it’s time to craft a plan to do JUST that.

Classes are offered for a limited time & do fill up—claim your seat while you still can!

Need more deets?

Word to the wise: The internet is always changing. And one of my passions is staying on top of those waves of change, like a pro-marketing-surfer. 

My programs, classes, trainings, and even my free resources might change as I learn how to shift in the ways I show up, serve, and deliver a fantastic experience for you! That means that what is here, ready, and FREE for you today may not be tomorrow, ya feel me?

So, hit that sign up button while the free is still free.

The training is 1 hour long!

Basically the same amount of time as 2 solid Pinterest scroll sessions. Kick back in full-student mode for a ONE hour video training with me, your professor ;)

I'll do a Q+A afterwards!

After our class, we'll be doing a Q+A, so stick around so we can address your top of mind questions and tackle your biggest pinning objections!

Dogs + kids are welcome.

Oh, and comfy pants, too! You’re tuning into this training in the comfort of your own home, so hey, why not focus on learning without the distraction of a waistband?

I gotcha covered!